Friday, 14 April 2006

Hamilton footbridge: Evolution of an idea

Hamiltonians have been discussing the possibility of a footbridge over the Waikato River at the south end of Victoria Street, linking Hamilton's thriving restauarant, bar and entertainment precinct with the river and with the many people living across the river.

A great idea, that I'm told is back on the agenda once again. Great news.

The possible problem lies in the implementation of the idea.

At present there are two ideas. The first is elegant, playful and adventurous (right, below, in an unfortunately bad image). The second (left below) and the one presently proposed is dull, squat and -- as a friend said -- "looks like a road bridge with a few sheds on it."

Above at right is another foot-bridge, nowhere near Hamilton, which gives an indication of what another city has done in the way of an elegant solution to a similar demand -- a Barcelona footbridge by Santiago Calatrava.

TAGS: Architecture, Urban Design


  1. Robert Winefield14 Apr 2006, 01:06:00

    PC, what are you thinking? Hamilton has a brace of squat ugly looking road bridges! Putting a beautiful Calatrava construction over the Waikato would improve the view! And then we couldn't call the city Hamil-dog any more.

  2. If sheds are needed they should draw their inspiration from the Florentines and the Arno....the Ponte Vecchio deals with the 'sheds' quite elegantly and it stands the test of time. Else I vote for Calatrava's approach


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