Thursday, 20 April 2006

Craftsmanship still counts for something

As modern technology becomes increasingly complex even as it transforms our lives, there are some things it still can't do. It can't yet produce a Stradivarius, or even something approaching one; all it can do is help speculate on what makes them so good, and continue to try and emulate what is still the 'gold standard' for violin makers. How good are they? The US$2,032,000 paid for one in 2005 might tell you the story: exceptional.

Craftsmanship still counts for something, it seems, as does the all the knowledge needed to produce something of the Strad's quality:
Perhaps someday advanced technology will outstrip the Strad, producing violins widely regarded as superior [says TCS's Kenneth Silber]. If so, it still will have taken a considerably long time for high tech to outdo the work of a craftsman who lived before the industrial revolution.
LINK: A singular sensation: The Strad - TechCentralStation

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