Tuesday, 7 March 2006

Vote PC!

Oh yes, if you really do want to do something for me (that's turned you off, hasn't it?) you can vote for this blog at the Netguide Awards, 2006. I promise to remember you all in my victory speech. :-)

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  1. Well I vouched for your magnificence. So you owe me ;-)

  2. "Well I vouched for your magnificence."

    Thank you [bows].

    "So you owe me ;-)"

    I do.

    I hereby promise to agree with the next six things you say. How's that for being sufficiently agreeable. :-)

  3. Well I vouched for your magnificence too PC. Why is it though that I feel I still owe you?

    I'll tell you why. I love this site for it's common sense, honesty, integrity, humour, satire and no bullshit (but mainly common sense). And I know you have just as much contempy as I do for those who would boss us around.

    Got to go now - got a bonfire to build. Bloody junk (census) mail!!

  4. Well, he might still get a prize, even if he loses...oops - who said that - I don't want to upset the homies - the horror!!

    I know you love everything I've ever said anyway.

  5. Votes cast.

    What happened in Mt Eden today with the cops and the choppers and etc?? Herald doesn't know. Why isn't the blogosphere supplying the answer?



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