Monday, 6 March 2006

TradeMe changes hands for big money

Good for Sam Morgan, the fomer owner of NZ's most popular website, TradeMe, the site he started just seven years ago that now accounts for sixty-percent of NZ's web traffic. He is "the former owner" because as you might have heard he's just sold it for the staggering sum of $700 million.

Good for him. Here's a story about how TradeMe began. Apparently it all started with a heater...

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TradeMe goes for $700m - Newstalk ZB

TAGS: New Zealand, Geek Stuff, Heroes


  1. I suddenly have become a socialist. Distribute his wealth please, just one million for me would do!

  2. Robert Winefield6 Mar 2006, 14:05:00

    Berend, my need is greater than yours, your million is mine!


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