Wednesday, 22 March 2006

Torre-Collserola Telecommunication Tower - Norman Foster

Torre-Collserola Telecommunication Tower outside Barcelona.

Norman Foster, Architect.

TAGS: Architecture


  1. Robert Winefield22 Mar 2006, 05:55:00

    I'm curious. Kansas, because it is so flat is covered in steel framed radio masts. I had assumed they were that way because it was cheap, they are strong, they allow wind to pass through them and there is no geographical feature for them to obscure.

    This one looks like it's hovering in air from a distance, it appears aerodynamic and seems to be able to be covered in antenna without detracting from its profile.

    So how much more expensive was it to build something interesting like this vs some boring radio mast? That is, how much more effort to make something interesting - even beautiful as opposed to just functional?

  2. Recently Foster has arisen as the Architect of choice in the RF.
    His new design of the Russia Tower in Moskva city here is impressive in its concept and size even in the MC development zone.

    In addition his design for the New Holland Island development in St Petersburg .


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