Friday, 17 March 2006

Topless test for tolerant Holland

"Let peaceful people pass freely," is in sum the libertarian position on immigration and border controls.

 And after the murder of Theo van Gogh by Islamofascists and other similar and related incidents, the Dutch position is now to be one of "let tolerant people pass freely."

In a measure just announced, potential Dutch immigrants are required to purchase and view a video tape that includes pictures of two gay men kissing in a park, and a woman emerging topless from the sea.

If that offends you, is the message, then Holland is not for you. Citizens of New Zealand and a half-dozen other countries are exempt the test, although I'm sure the tape is available, should you wish it for titillation.
LINK: Holland tests would-be immigrants - Toronto Star 
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Anonymous Robert Winefield said...

Well its got to be a better way of screening people than America's infamous entry permit questions!

"Are you now or have you ever been a member of a terrorist organisation?"


17 Mar 2006, 17:33:00  
Blogger libertyscott said...

The scheme could pay for itself as thousands of tolerant people pay to see the tape - don't need taxes to pay for it. Funny how Switzerland is exempt but not Norway (it's not EU).

17 Mar 2006, 22:30:00  
Blogger KG said...

Offer 'em a ham sandwich during interval, I say!

18 Mar 2006, 06:55:00  
Blogger Berend de Boer said...

And that is my country. Sigh. But people here probably are probably not able to understand that it is exactly these things that have led to the pending demise of Holland. Immigrants are just secondary.

20 Mar 2006, 18:00:00  

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