Friday, 24 March 2006

Sooden saved

I don't need to say anything about the release of 'Christian Peacekeeper' Harmeet Sooden since DPF has already said almost as much as I would have, and Michelle Malkin wraps it up [Hat tip Whig]. I guess it would have been too optimistic to expect 'Pacifist Thanks SAS Rescuers Shock' headlines, or for Sooden and friends to renounce their pacifism as a result of his rescue by UK Special Forces -- who put their own lives at risk because of Sooden's unwordliness -- but it might at least be courteous for them to stop blaming the US and UK for his kidnapping instead of the kidnappers themselves. 'Ungrateful sod' seems too kind a description.

There, I've now said more than I intended to. Go and read DPF's comments, and Michelle's links and see if you agree.

LINK: Harmeet Sooden - DPF, Kiwiblog
Talk about ungrateful - Michelle Malkin

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  1. As an ex-SAS man, all I can say is that soemtimes the self-righteous assholes het rescued along with the deserving.
    More's the pity.

  2. "his rescue by UK Special Forces - who put their own lives at risk " - Oh, stop kidding yourself! They paid a ransom for them - that is obvious. OBVIOUS.

    Someone was putting their lives on the line here. Either Sooden & co. or the people claiming to have "rescued" them in an "operation" that was just a simple pick-up after the payment of a ransom. Which one has more validity for claiming they were putting "their own lives at risk"?

  3. Robert Winefield25 Mar 2006, 02:41:00

    "Which one has more validity for claiming they were putting "their own lives at risk"?"

    Well t selwyn, if Iraq is such a cake walk why didn't you volunteer to go in and lead those little lost lambs home. I say lost lambs because in such a benign security environment as Iraq, there is no way they could have been kidnapped and had one of their number executed by their utterly-honest and ethically angelic Iraqi hosts...

  4. That 'simple pickup' could have been so easily been wired to enough explosive to put them in a low earth orbit!

    So one of the criminals sold out? Crims don't tend to stay sold.

    That could have so easily been a trap...

  5. "They paid a ransom for them - that is obvious. OBVIOUS."

    What exactly makes it "obvious"? Please share your insights into the on-the-ground situation with us.
    Otherwise for Christ's sake shut up and try to accept that there are people who risk their lives every day fighting the sort of evil bastards the left would quite happily surrender to.


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