Monday, 6 February 2006

Jazz, Bues and Mr & Mrs Smith

I was forced to watch a movie last night 'starring' the couple-of-the-moment, Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt. Vapid nonsense is the kindest thing I can say about Mr and Mrs Smith. It was, quite literally, the Pitts. In truth, it was so bad I couldn't watch it to the end; it would be unfair to criticise Jolie for her acting, since she so clearly wasn't; just as whoever was responsible for the script was clearly not a scriptwriter.

Which brings me to the Mission Bay Jazz & Blues Festival here in Auckland on Saturday night. A very enjoyable night, and kudos to all who put it together, but with rare exceptions there neither jazz nor blues musicians playing on the night: they were simply people who play jazz and blues music -- and very little of the former. There is a difference. All were enthusiasts and enthusiastic, but only a rare few were actually musicians.

Of those who were, the two in front of whom I spent most time were the Darcy Perry Blues Band, and Jan Preston, formerly of Coup D'Etat and Red Mole (who I still remember with excitement playing at the Mangere Metro when I was but a wee youngster). A great and very liquid night.


  1. You mean Bradgelina. They are one perfectious Hollywood entity.

  2. Why do you torture yourself this way PC? If you are going to spend 2 hours watching a movie, either get a recommendation from someone you trust or have a reason to see it. As for watching tripe like Mr & Mrs Smith, trust your intuition.

    I just got back from watching Walk The Line, the biopic about Johnny Cash. Apart from an overly drawn out part where Johnny was going through drug withdrawal symptoms, I found it a thoroughly enjoyably movie.

  3. I'm more picky about my movies.... wouldn't even bother.

    My weekend evenings were spent watching -
    "One Day in September" and "Enron: The Smartest Guys in the Room".

    Enjoyed them both thoroughly (the former being slightly better, both as entertainment and as an informative documentary).

  4. "it to the end; it would be unfair to criticise Jolie for her acting, since she so clearly wasn't"

    hahaha. :)

    Walk The Line? Nup. Just watched that in Hobart, I did. Not enough shit happened! And not enough can-do-Cash attitude. Stand up for yourself boy!

  5. I think maybe they couldn't add more shit without embellishing the story, which was, I understand, a reasonably faithful biopic. If the made the movie any longer it would have dragged.

    When I saw the movie, I had to get over my fear and loathing of Reese Witherspoon, who's acting in typical hollywood candyfloss normally turns my stomach. She's actually reasonably good in Walk The Line.