Sunday, 19 February 2006

Characters from literature. Who are you?

Another gosh-darned stupid quiz diappoints me, this time by declaring me Tom Joad instad of Howard Roark. I guess my hair must be the wrong colour.

You are Tom Joad

You're Tom Joad. You've had to scratch out a living with your own sweat. All your life you've loved the simple things like home, family, and freedom. When these things are threatened, you stick to your principles and fight honorably to right wrongs. This noble behavior, however, can lead to being a bit of a martyr.


  1. Robert Winefield20 Feb 2006, 08:18:00

    You want to be Howark Roark? I always thought you wanted to be ~Mr~ Emma Peel!

  2. Ha! I'm Tom Joad as well... What a jip.

  3. "I always thought you wanted to be ~Mr~ Emma Peel!"

    Ah yes, good point. :-)


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