Monday, 20 February 2006

'Bloody Mary'

I should probably be saying something about South Park's 'Bloody Mary' episode set to screen here shortly, which as you no doubt know has some Catholics somewhat annoyed, and Bishops calling for a boycott (I was about to use the metaphor "up in arms" to describe the reaction, but as that describes the Muslim anti-cartoon reaction somewhat too literally, I avoided that one.)

I probably should say something since it is a 'free speech' issue and there appear to be comments everywhere on the subject. I should say something but I won't because a) I expect you already know what I would say about the right of CanWest to broadcast what they wish, and the equal right of catholic bishops to drum up advertising for the show boycott CanWest programmes; and b) South Park is unwatchable rubbish anyway, so this episode is unlikely to be any different.

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  1. Ah PC you can't beat the SouthPark movie depicting Saddam Hussein as Satan's lover - it should be shown in his cell in Arabic as a continuous rerun as torture.


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