Wednesday, 14 December 2005

What's a pragmatist? Let Richard tell you...

Which political sterotype are you? Well, I imagine you know where I would score on that particular quiz. Like Richard, I'd be scoring Libertarian. What do you score?

There are no doubt some who would score Pragmatist. What's a pragmatist? Let Richard tell you:
Pragmatist - You believe that individuals are the rightful owners of their own lives and therefore have inherent freedoms and responsibilities. You maintain that the proper purpose of government is to protect such freedoms and not to assume such responsibilities. However, if you think that you will lose votes by saying so, you will let your principles be sidelined in favour of populism. Your role model is Suzanne Wright.
Who's Suzanne Wright? I'm glad you asked. "Over at The Whig, new contributor Suzanne Wright has a bone to pick with libertarians." Richard gently tosses back the bone. I was just as gentle with her when I commented on her post.

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  1. Oddly enough, I'm a Libertarian, too! Whadyaknow.

    Dodgy wording of this definition though, I thought:

    " ... main use for govt is for some people to lord it over others at their expense ... " and "You probably are ok with capitalism."

    My main use for govt would be to protect my (and all citizens) rights, provide internal and external security and administer justice. Period.

    And as for the second comment; how can someone be a Libertarian and *not* be 'ok with capitalism'?

  2. Good Lord, I'm a "fascist"!

    ...and I don't even know how to speak Italian :-(


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