Saturday, 10 December 2005

'Asian Invasion' repelled

After the sad and lamented demise of Farrer's Fawcet -- Fifteen Minutes Well and Truly Spent - Cath Yodgers' blog is another one being deleted. Going, going

She deleted her 'Asian Invasion' blog "after the following sequence of events," which she describes at Farrar's Blog Central, "none of which involved the rumoured discovery by Hong Kong expat wives of the blog," but which, if I summarise, was the imminent discovery by her boss that she was blogging during work hours.

What price anonymity, eh? Lucky I dont use my own real name. :-)


Anonymous Ruth said...

Huh? I thought getting balding politicians to have sex with you when they were drunk made you a power broker.

Just damn.

11 Dec 2005, 14:57:00  

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