Thursday, 17 November 2005

You failed

I set up a wee test yesterday that proved a little disappointing: in this post I offered you, gentle reader, two possible links -- one was a link to a magnificent tribute to the explanatory power and the wonder of Darwin's insight into evolution; of the exquisite vision that 4 billion years of constant change, of a Great Unfolding, has ready for us to find; of the grandeur in this view of life.

The other linked to a seedy piece of net gossip. I thought seeing the true nature of 'Not PC' readers exposed might be instructive. It was.

And which link did you lot click on most? The gossip. 3rd ranking link here yesterday. Oh dear.

Please see me in my office after school.


  1. Why would we go to a site that has in its URL 'glimpse of great unfolding' when we can go to 'confessions of some dangerous minds'.

    The secrets of the universe and of evolution will, if they're important enough, come back to us at a later date in the news we see or hear or even read, or in conversations we have with others, but the 'confessions of dangerous minds' is something that could be more interesting right here, right now. Short term gain is more important than long term gain. If the scientific stuff is important, we'll find it again, but we're more likely to not see again something that could offer a little short term interest or excitement.

    I'm afraid the goals of your experiment was always going to disappoint you, as human nature is far more likely to look for short term excitement than long term education. The real question is, did your visitors fail, or did you? ;-)

  2. I'm a failure. A failure I tell you. I hang my head in ignominy.

  3. It's ok, there there... *pat pat*

  4. I too, was greatly disappointed. People were more interested in a drunken prank than a piece of work that I was writing until 4 IN THE MORNING! GAH!


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