Saturday, 5 November 2005

Stop Press: Greens against banning something

Crikey! Those apostles of the 'b' word have come out against banning fireworks, and for some very good reasons. Says Rod Donald in 'The Press':
Are you going to ban cars because people have accidents? It gets to the point of the ridiculous. I’m more concerned about young drivers in charge of a one-tonne metal missile than kids letting off crackers.
Good on him. Fireworks have mutated from the noisy, exciting things we threw at each other when I was a kid to culturally-correct things these days that you may only approach wearing an asbestos suit over a Raph Nader-certified hair shirt. And today's fireworks don't even go BANG anymore -- these days they just let out a gentle 'poof.' Bloody sad. No wonder Halloween is taking over. Seee those crackers in that photo up there: they're now illegal. Bloody wowsers and their banning.

Anyway, the Frog's comments on this are equally interesting and sometimes even amusing, and they conclude with a comment that I know will interest some 'Not PC' readers:
While we’re on the subject of Guy Fawkes - check out the trailer for V for Vendetta, based on one of my favourite comics :) .
And BTW, if you want to see some virtual fireworks, you can either tell your significant other where you really were that night you came home late last week, or you can visit Fireworks.Com and upload your favourite picture -- here's my own effort -- or try one of their other virtual bits of fireworks fun. My favourite is the Phantom Fireworks Online, allowing you to let off fireworks over some major American cities.

However you choose to enjoy Guy Fawkes, make sure you DO enjoy it. Let off a few loud explosions for me, if you can.


  1. It's amazing - although they want to ban all sorts of advertising, toys and all sorts of unsafe things - and it is mainly the hypocritical ban-mistress Kedgley who promotes it. Maybe Rod inherited Nandor's parliamentary stash and has been chilling out? (not saying he had one mind you - simply a joke)

  2. V for Vendetta was a good comic, very clever. I'm not sure if it'll be a good movie, but I'll check it out when I can.

  3. I will be making a few loud bangs tonight.

    A good, heavy charge of black powder and a bit of paper wadding in my .50 calibre muzzle loader does the job!

  4. Typical Greens they can't even be consistently illogical.

  5. Seeing that he died on Guy Fawkes night and that his last public political pronouncement was pro-freedom, I hope he enjoyed his fireworks (no doubt public) and was not killed by an unexpected big bang.


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