Thursday, 3 November 2005

SH1 RMA Protesting

Motorists on State Highway 1 will no doubt already be familiar with the signs of the Resource Users Association in farmland beside the road. Their blood is worth bottling.

If you have a site next to a main road, and you want to host one of the Resource Users' signs, then get on to Warwick Cheyne, the RUANZ President. Tell him I sent you.


  1. Yeah good idea, the sooner we get rid of the RMA the sooner we can start logging all the great ranges - loaded with Rimu, Totara etc. An amazing untapped resource.

    While were at it - I'd love to see much more shoebox appartment development, can't have enough of those.

    Oh yeah and if the RMA were gone, we could start building coal fired electricity generation (gotta get that economy going again right), build roads through any whinging pinko wankers property as we wished and basically stomp all over anything and everything in the name of economic growth and development - we could be such a great country.

    Oh, yeah, no reason we should dam the up all those braided rivers to generate more power. I reckon their is oil at Scott Base too - we should be drilling down there.

  2. Oh, so whinging pinko wankers own property, then? Guess private enterprise can't be too bad.

    And in that case, they'll want to abolish the RMA immediately in order to protect said property.

    It's a simple rule, or should be. If you own it, it's yours to do with as you please, provided your actions don't infringe upon the rights of others. If it's not yours, (and the latter doesn't apply), bugger off & mind your own business.

    By the way, you've used the wrong 'there'. If you started school after 1977 you're excused. Just.

    That's when whinging pinko wankers screwed English!

  3. If you own [property], it's yours to do with as you please, provided your actions don't infringe upon the rights of others

    Which is exactly the purpose of the RMA. Yes, it does get hijacked from time to time - and those cases get a lot of publicity. But those cases indicate room from improvement, not that the whole deal should be scrapped.

    Considering that you accept a need for some kind of check and balance, what should replace it?

  4. No it isn't. The purpose of the RMA is to nationalise land - to transfer ownership of land & resources to the Government. You don't own land if you first have to ask permisison of the Government to use it. This is fascism, pure and simple - Mussolini, Hitler and Roosevelt all implemented such policies.

    The RMA should be junked & replaced with its predecessor, Common Law. You'll find plenty of information on Common Law right here on Not PC.


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