Monday, 7 November 2005

Rod Donald comments

Blog Central has a summary of the MSM's stories on Rod Donald's passing. Frogblog's Condolences Book remains open, and here's a round-up of comments by bloggers (Feel free to add your own in the comments section, and I'll update the list through the day):

Big News: Rod Donald
NZ Pundit: RIP Rod Donald
Aaron Bhatnagar: Rod Donald
Sir Humphrey's: R.I.P.
Rob's Blockead Blog: Rod Donald
Phil Sage: Rod Donald. RIP!
Not PC: Rod Donald dies
GMan: Rod Donald
Random Contributionz: Rod Donald RIP
Whale Oil: Rod Donald dies
Andrew Falloon: Rod Donald
Morph: Rod Donald 1957 - 2005
Ihatesocialism: Rod Donald
Maori Party: Maori Party Statement on Death of Rod Donald
Bloggreen: Rod Donald, friend, colleague, leader, great man
No Right Turn: Rod Donald is dead
Berlin Bear: NZ Greens Co-Leader Passes Away
goNZo: His heart gave out
Philosophically made: A loss to Parliament and New Zealand
Maria von Trapp: nunc dimittis
Silent Running: Some sad news.
The Whig: Rod Donald Has Died
Cathy Odgers: Rod Donald
Fighting Talk - Hamish: Bye Rod
[UPDATE 1: Spanblather: Goodbye to the great Green ginga]
Russell Brown: The Contribution
Jordan Carter: R.I.P. Rod Donald]
[UPDATE 3: LibertyScott: Rod Donald]
[UPDATE 4: Joe Hendren: Rod Donald]
[UPDATE 5: Fighting Talk - Lyndon: Rod Donald]


  1. Thanks PC. Here's mine:

  2. Hi PC. Looking back on it now I don't hink its my best post in terms of putting words together - the news was such a shock - sometimes such news can affect you in ways you don't expect!


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