Wednesday, 16 November 2005

Online maps with AA

I remember when I was a kid and we'd get our fold-out 'Journey Maps' from the AA before each holiday, which we kids would sit with in the back and spill ice cream on. Now, you can go online and print out clean copies that show you where all the ioce cream stores are. Almost. The just-launched AA Maps seems like a great toy, and one you might want to bookmark, one that might be supplementary to Wises Maps. I would think however that AA's servers still seems to be full following the public launch, as service sometimes seems very slow. Good when it is working though: online NZ maps, with local shops and bars and stuff, and all at the touch of just a few buttons!

NB: AA site still slooooow. Have a look later this avo perhaps, but do bookmark it now -- you'll need it later.


  1. You've created choas with the AA site, all those millsions of "Not PC" readers that you send to AA have crashed the site.

  2. Hi PC,

    If you like aamaps you might want to take a look at



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