Wednesday, 2 November 2005

MG Rover warning

David Russell of the Consumers Institute warns 'The Chinese are taking over the bankrupt Rover MG' so 'Don't buy Rovers!' and 'Never nasty MGs!' As all simple people stay close around Russell's reasoning, I guess that's it then for New Zealand's Rover and MG owners. Says Dynamic Dave in his own words:
"Buyers of MG Rover cars may find themselves unable to get parts and service in years to come. Worst of all, they may be unable to resell these vehicles at anything like the purchase price," Consumers’ Institute chief executive David Russell said. "Our only possible advice is to completely avoid these vehicles."
Can anyone tell me why the fuck this guy gets so much air time to talk so much shit? Rover MG shut down production in April and were declared bankrupt; the news to which Russell is now responding is that production may now beginn again in China. Most recent MGs and Rovers have hardly been worth stepping across the road for anyway (unfortunately that means most of them since 1976), and most MG and Rover buyers are pretty clear what they're getting anyway without needing Russell's advice.

It's still sad that they went belly up again, but they really died as real car makers in 1980. Somewhere, sometime, there's a story to be told here about how state intervention killed the British motor industry. In the meantime, why not continue to enjoy your classic MGs and Rovers even as David Russell tries to talk down their price. I'm sure if you've got the smarts to buy one, you've also got enough smarts to do that.


  1. Never Nasty MGs? Isn't that from the periodic table? (HArry HE LIkes BEer By Cupfulls NEver NAsty MuGs ALlowed).


  2. Isn't his statement a little odd.

    Surely if the buyer gets a contract with the UK firm its Chinese parent will be forced to support it.

    Unless he's insinuating NZ firms are removing references to the Rover company from the purchase contract...


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