Friday, 18 November 2005

Beer O'Clock

An ebullient start to beer o'clock this afternoon is this Flash animation: First drink of the day.

And reflect on this as you down your first one: Beer drinkers are becoming "promiscuous" in our "repertoire"-- marketing-speak for 'we drink more than one brand.' There you go. Several years ago when he bought Swan Breweries, Alan Bond declared that changing a man's beer brand was like trying to change his religion; these days it seems we're all pretty ecumenical.

The missing Michael Erceg has probably helped with that, allowing us to enjoy some pretty good foreign beers at a very good price, albeit most of them locally brewed. Tonight, in honour of Mr Erceg I'll be drinking one of his Kingfishers, which probably means seeking out a curry to go with it.



  1. Track this down if you can. 3 Monts, comes in a 750ml

  2. "Pretty good foreign beers at a very good price"? The "very good price", that these beers are sold at, is good for the big rich cats selling it (or their shareholders).

    You're being ripped off mate. If you want good value for money buy any Emerson's beer or one of Galbraith's fine range. World class, full of flavour and as much about good beer as good profits, if not more.

  3. Do you mean a sort of beer socialism?

  4. If Galbraith's and Emerson's are socialism, then roll out the barrel!


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