Monday, 10 October 2005

Watching the Tories

LibertyScott is enjoying watching the UK Conservatives' leadership battle, but wonders how many will really care who they pick. "The Conservative Party looks geriatric," he says. It always has.
So can the Tories find a leader from the existing stable of contenders to modernise the party, through off this stuffy image AND establish a clear place on the political spectrum to appeal to British voters sufficiently to win the next election.

The problem is, I don’t think it can.
I think he's right.


  1. Actually, this David Cameron chap looks reasonably good from where I'm standing. Not consistently libertarian but definitely has flair.


  2. If only he could admit he smoked dope at some point while at uni, that unlike Tony Blair he is prepared to admit to having done it, that many have tried it - but he's grown up and moved beyond it.

    The sad thing is while that would make him far more electable, the rank and file Tories would stick their noses in the air and turn their backs on him... much like the National Party would in similar circumstances.


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