Monday, 10 October 2005

Robbie Williams: Get off Kate's back

He can't sing, but he can occasionally talk sense: Robbie Williams has gone against the tide of media outrage and defended Kate Moss. "She's done nothing wrong," says Williams. "What she does in her private life should be her own private affair. We are talking about a woman who has never hurt anybody and never pretended to be somebody she isn't."

Williams went on to accuse the media of hypocrisy. He said: “I have personally taken cocaine with the people who are now writing these stories.”

Williams said that he had attended a drug rehabilitation clinic and “it’s not fun”. He hoped Moss recovered because “she deserves to be happy. People should get off her back”.

He's right, you know. Times article here. [Hat tip Julian]


  1. Well said Robbie! Up yours all those "holier than thou" liars who got high years ago and now play the innocent...bullshit!If smoking some dak was an instant exit from society then we would have no cops at all on the beat ...thats the two faced shit coming home to rest...

  2. I'm also not holding my breath waiting for houses like Channel & Burberry - which dropped Moss like the proverbial hot potato - to announce that they will be drug and alcohol testing their employees and contractors (including runway models) from now on.

    It's not all bad for Moss though. I've seen serious speculation that the Police won't bring a prosecution, because the level and virulence of the media coverage makes it virtually impossible to guarantee her a fair trial.


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