Sunday, 30 October 2005

Ralston next

After doing for TVNZ what he had previously done for Metro magazine, Bill Ralston's days as news and current affairs boss at the state broadcaster look to be numbered after network head Ian Fraser reportedly heads for the exit door. No great loss.

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  1. michael fasher30 Oct 2005, 17:35:00

    I imagine morale in TVNZ would greatly improve if it were privatised and cut free from any NZ on Air or the charter.
    Paul holmes recently remarked how good it felt not having to justify his salary from a state owned enterprise?/propaganda machine to envy ridden assholes who think everyone should earn the same salary.
    The difficult situation any TVNZ employee making more than the cleaners on minimum wage is that some of those envy ridden assholes are in the government and as political apointees in TVNZ.
    Combine that with the conflict of making a profit and propaganda and you have a miserible working enviroment


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