Friday, 21 October 2005

Raglan success

I'm heading to Raglan tonight, so I'm damn glad this thing (right) was caught and killed, and not left to swim free. Herald story here.

And for what it's worth, a few surfers and some Hector's Dolphin might be equally pleased.
[Fisherman Warwick] Harris said the marine monster probably went a long way to explaining the fall in numbers of rare Hector dolphins - which had been blamed on commercial fishermen.

"Hector dolphins would be Mallow-puffs to something like that," he said.
Photo: NZ Herald


  1. "It wasn't me, yer honour. It was my twin Brother. Geez, I love those little Dolphins."

    "With scallop sauce, no doubt"

    "No. No. No. Turtle gravy perhaps, but not scallop sauce."

    "Ah - got you"


  2. But what about the shark's personal rights and liberties ?

  3. " But what about the shark's personal rights and liberties ?"

    I'm a species-ist: they have none. :-)


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