Thursday, 6 October 2005

Judy gets the archer

If television news and talkback is anything to go by, the big news of today and yesterday is that Judy Bailey has been given the Spanish Archer* by TVNZ. I'd make a comment, but while I do know how to do a smiley face in writing, I don't know how to a 'who-gives-a-fuck shrug.' This is news?

*Spanish Archer = El Bow.


  1. TVNZ likes it being news because it matches its obsession with celebrities and self made "stars". The journalists are mostly reporters - and much of TVNZ is far more interested in being a mini-Hollywood or following sport than actual news. If Bailey goes to TV3, or Prime decides to go mad and buy her too - I bet most of her supporters still will be too inert to change channels.

    Given I have now taken to watching Channel 4 news in the UK which is 45 minutes of serious news on a commercial channel (better than the BBC) - I don't know how anyone thinks TVNZ news is worth it.


  2. I stopped watching TV One news years ago. Judy's condescending manner just irritated me no end - mind you I'm easily irritated as many can attest. Paul Holmes had a similar effect on me. In fact the only current TVNZ host I can stand is Paul Henry.

  3. and much of TVNZ is far more interested in being a mini-Hollywood or

    Elementary dear Watson.
    Never forget the time in Aotea Sq, for example, when Julie White was covering that Save Our Squadrens thing...she was power-dressed and utterly ooozing sexual and material elitism behind her shades with her attendents at her feet. Busy with her starring role in her own drama...palpable as hell is what it was. And then all girl-next-door again when behind the studio camera. As if girls weren't chameleons enough in the first place!

    Mind you, I've met and been around others too- including Judy- who are not that way. But what I'm saying is that you're absolutely right.


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