Saturday, 8 October 2005

Being beastly

I just couldn't resist. Here's another message from God, the Head Intrinsicist -- a nicer guy you really couldn't hope to meet:
What a guy.

Make up your own signs using the Church Sign Generator. If you want to make them Biblically accurate you can find all the absurdity you'll need over at the Skeptics Annotated Bible. Weekends full of fun. :-)


  1. Leviticus 26:29 And ye shall eat the flesh of your sons, and the flesh of your daughters shall ye eat.

    is a good one.

    Christianity has almost as much scope in the old testament for nutty terrorist based fundamentalism as Islam.

  2. hehe - that is beautiful. thank you and I've linked it.

  3. Unfortunately libertyscott you are right. I'm glad you said almost though. We don't advocate killing non believers and it is easy to overlook the fact that Christianity did not come to be until some hundreds if not thousands (I don't know which)of years after the bokk of leviticus was written. Thankfully most Christians take little notice of Leviticus. It yet remains to be seen whether our Moslem fiends will show the same degree of common sense and publicly ostracise their own nutters. I recently saw some telling commentary from the ex president of Indonesia (was it on Gman?)in which he pretty much challenged moderate Islam to throw out and disown the head hackers and infidel killers.

  4. It wasn't Gman, it was whale Oil. Oh yes and a survey last week showed 67% Australians have confidence in their defense forces, 50% in their police and 30% in their churches. (Don't hold me to the absolute accuracy) I didn't see any result for the news media.

  5. I can think of no better place than this blog for this old internet chestnut.

    After all, we can worship here 24 hours a day, reading the scripture of the great prophet and all-knowing deity Cresswell. One can even place a washer in his collection plate if one so desires.

    No doubt the guru will be taking confession in the comment section in due course.

    We are unworthy.

  6. “I will send wild beasts among you, to rob you of your children.”

    And it is happening! Crocodiles! Bloody big salt-water ones.

    The plague is upon us. Or is it?

    We could just shoot the bastards.

    End of plague.


    Oh heck! We still have CYFs.


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