Monday, 5 September 2005

Questions for the day

1. So, do you think the Labour-Progressive-Green hacks and politicians really think Don Brash is a racist? Or is it that they want you to think that?

2. Would Rodney Hide endorse decriminalisation of cannabis for personal use? Ask him at the next Epsom meeting. LibertyScott gives some good reasons why he should. And while you're asking, find out when ACT's RMA Policy will hit the streets...if indeed it ever will.

3. Was the latest poll showing Labour eight percentage points behind really "a mistake" as Pete Hodgson tried to claim? Or was the "mistake" Hodgson's own by trying to spin the result. At least Jordan was more honest: "Nothing good one can say about this," he said.

4. What can Labour pull out of the bag now that their pledge card has already been produced? Any shots in the locker now their high-risk strategy of attacking Brash instead of the lightweights behind him seems to have backfired. Do they have a Plan B?

5. How much will ACT get for selling their principles? $11.50 will buy them at the moment, but watch out for the Auto-bid of Andrew Falloon, number thirty-four on ACT's list.

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  1. 4) Apparently there's another $400 million of non-existent dosh in the kitty, so a last desperate bribe is in the offing. Still, I think the "high-risk" strategy you described was a mistake from the start and it's failed. In 1964, Richard Hofstatter described "the paranoid style in American politics", and it seems to have migrated intact from the US right to the NZ left in a mere forty years. I'm getting the sense that it's only playing with the Michael Moore-on left, and not convincing anyone else.


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