Wednesday, 7 September 2005

Pete Hodgson: Bully

Pete Hodgson (right) is facing police inquiries after apparently 'heavying' a woman protestor at Otago University today. Story here. She was apparently attempting to wave a "Speed Kills" sign behind Helen Clark when Hodgson grabbed her and "pinioned her arms" in order to keep the sign from the TV cameras.

ACT's Stephen Franks has already drawn parallels with Gerry Brownlee's heavyhandedness last election. Says Franks, who has promised to "help the woman in any court case":
On the basis of her statement to the police he's a goner. The law is simple. Any uninvited unwelcome and intentional touch can be an assault. Before the last election Labour wallowed in outrage when Gerry Brownlee shoved a man downstairs. My recollection is that the man had been abusive to Mr Brownlee. Mr Brownlee nevertheless apologised. The Hodgson incident is more sinister because it was done in cold blood to censor the protest and Hodgson refused to release her when asked. It seems that Mr Hodgson targeted the women after he was upset by the release of tennis balls alluding to his colleague Mr Benson-Pope.

The irony here is the name of the woman: Madeleine Flannagan (right). I look forward to ACT supporters now lionising one whom they demonised just a short while ago.


  1. OMG!
    Not those Ned-Flanders-is-my-hero Flannagans again?
    That woman is a bad penny. Keeps turning up! The fit has hit the shan now for Hodgson!

    This is going to be lots and lots of fun for a news cycle or two!

  2. I watched Hodgson sweat buckets on Nightline tonight.

    He's a goner, and he knows it, whether it hurts Labours dwindling support will be interesting... Only a couple of weeks back Donny Brashco got burned for saying he went easy on Helen Clark in the leaders debate. Now we have a Labour MP physically interfering with an innocent womans actions.

    Still, Labour MPs tend to have nine lives: Dover Samuels (mistresses abortion, peeing in hotels), Leanne Dalziel (immigration letters), John Tamihere (investigate interview), Ruth Dyson (drunken driving, David Benson-Pope (tennis balls), Helen Clark herself (signing paintings, speeding motorcades, etc), now Pete Hodgson. He'll probably return, but after the election.

  3. PC:

    I've had very vocal disagree with Mrs. Flannagan on pretty much every subject under the sun, but that doesn't mean I think it's OK to harass, intimidate or bully anyone.

    In future, perhaps Mr. Hodgson should leave the heroics to Clark's DPS detail. If been listening to him very heavily imply that he thought Mads was going to smack Clark in the head with a piece of cardboard, which says more about his paranoia than anything else...

  4. I was holding up a paper sign, crappy weak newsprint paper to be precise and there were at least 4 people between me and the PM's DPS people.

    It has been surreal and I found it freaky that the govt publicly tried to shut me up in such a manner.


  5. Madeleine's background etc.. is not the issue here.

    The issue is a rather Senior Government Minister lost his nut and allegedly assaulted a member of the public who was simply holding up (as she puts it) "crappy weak newsprint paper".

    Bad look 11 days out from the election. Especially if this is all it takes to wind up someone who should know better.

  6. Ahh Madeleine. Will have to post that comment of yours.


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