Monday, 26 September 2005

MP talks RMA revolt

Environment Waikato are looking to get out the big stick over a community clearance of mangroves at Whangamata. "Obviously we have a range of options available to us under the Resource Management Act in terms of enforcement," said the council's spokeswanker.

Popular Coromandel MP Sandra Goudie, who helped in the clearance, says the "regional council will have a revolt on its hands if it tries to take legal action against her or anyone else involved in an illegal chainsaw attack on mangroves." Good on her. Speaking on Newstalk ZB:

She says the mangroves have taken over an area locals used to enjoy as a water skiing spot, and efforts to clear them have been bogged down for years by the Resource Management Act. She says it is political correctness gone mad and she has no regrets about taking part in the action. Sandra Goudie says the locals are frustrated by the red tape, and decided to take action themselves.

Herald story here.

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