Tuesday, 13 September 2005

In the Hutt South Lions Den with Dullard

A report from Luke Howison on the Eastbourne Lions meeting for the Hutt South electorate.

Colin, Nik and I attended the Eastborne Lions Club candidates meeting last night in support of Phil Howison running for Hutt South.

There was a good turnout and Phil spoke well about some core issues including getting the government out of our lives, and on the issue of tax: "Tax is not an economic issue or a family issue. Its a moral issue. Tax is when the government takes money from you without your permission. Tax is - tax is theft! (looks around at other candidates) These people are advocating theft!" There was some great reaction, with enthusiastic applause.

The other candidates were the usual grey nothings.

Trevor Mallard was even more of a boring Labour git than usual, and the doddery Greens candidate going on and on and ON about the most boring topics imaginable (Arctic permafrost methane emissions anyone?) left everyone nodding off. Rosemarie Thomas (National) made a great point by holding up Labour pamphlets and handouts which were produced "with your tax money", and reminded us to pick up our free Labour pen - "You paid for them!"

Another highlight was the NZ First candidate (a nice guy, whats he doing with the slimeballs?) acknowledging the great job Phil is doing as the youngest candidate, which got Phil another round of applause!

In general I enjoy most of these meetings, especially when Labour candidates get defensive (which is all they are currently able to do), but it's also stifling having to listen to so much socialist bullshit. Thankfully there was no Alliance candidate there tonight! Another thing I like is how friendly the candidates are to each other. The Destiny NZ candidate especially is a
super-duper nice guy. Its funny though; as soon as these politicians get into power the charisma becomes slime ....

There are no more meetings for Hutt South, but we're all set to do a huge leaflet drop around Wellington tomorrow night, and put up the last of our signs which have been suffering muchos vandalism recently.

Hopefully thats a good sign that the message is getting out there and they're scared of us. :-)

For Freedom!

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