Sunday, 18 September 2005

A hung Parliament

The sheeple have spoken, and we have a hung Parliament, and hopefully an ineffective one. That perhaps is the best result from tonight: Several months of legislative logjam.

To my ACT-supporting readers, I concur with Aaron:
I recognise the enormous energy and passion of the ACT team in Epsom who saw Rodney Hide through, when ACT around the nation had been brought to its knees. The passion, in particular of the ACT On Campus people ought to be noted, the people who fought like hell to ensure that their dream stayed alive.

This victory is not a victory for ACT, but a victory for Rodney Hide on a personal level. He will not be remembered as the man who saw ACT die on his watch. Conversely, he will be remembered as the man who saw it live to fight another day. But I have no doubt that ACT's fightback will be an arduous, nigh-on herculean task given the overall result for ACT. It may not yet be possible, but time will be the judge of that.

That can wait for now. For on election night, Rodney Hide won Epsom.
Congratulations to everyone that deserves it. Twenty-two politicians lost their job. That can't be all bad.


  1. Looks like the polls that you declared were biased and not independent were right aye pc?Ever considered apologizing?

  2. Sure, 22 politicians lost their job.

    24 gained one.

  3. "Ever considered apologizing?"

    I did, if you looked.

    " Sure, 22 politicians lost their job. 24 gained one."

    Exactly. I was trying to find ~some~ good news. :-/

  4. Wow, 926 votes for the Libertarianz. Converting voters one by one seems to work great guys. You're on track for 1,000,000 A.D.!!

  5. "Wow, 926 votes for the Libertarianz."

    Not good, is it. Not good at all.


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