Friday, 16 September 2005

Greens: Evil and out

This morning's Herald poll shows both Winston First and the Greens out, out, out, with both parties scoring under the 5% threshold. LibertyScott meanwhile has fisked the Greens policies, and found them to be at the evil end of the spectrum.
The Green Party philosophy and policies are fundamentally evil - they are authoritarian statists, whose key interest is in using the monopoly of legitimised violence (the state) to force people to do what they want, ban people from doing what they don't want, to confiscate more money from people who earn it, and to give other people's money to things they like.

The Greens are bullies, and their façade of peaceful friendly animal and tree loving hippies simply does not wash. There is NOTHING peaceful about using state threatened or actual violence to get what you want, and that is everything the Green Party stands for. If it thought otherwise it would use persuasion, not politics, to change people's behaviour - instead, it uses force.
I still maintain that many Green supporters (or after today's poll should that be former supporters) are enthusiastic about personal freedom at least. But as I've said before, their policies have never ever reflected that. They need to carry a Government Health Warning.

Check out the latest Greens poster...

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