Thursday, 11 August 2005

The US face of moderate Muslims

Moderate Muslims are okay, right? The moderate face of Muslim apologetics in the US is the Council on American-Islamic relations, CAIR.

As Robert Bidinotto notes, "If you watch TV or read newspapers, you've probably already encountered CAIR. Every time some Islamist militant or terrorist provokes public demands for the U. S. to respond more forcefully against Muslim fundamentalism, CAIR spokesmen pop up all over the airwaves to denounce 'anti-Muslim bigotry.'"

Now Bidinotto has persuaded Middle-Eastern scholar Daniel Pipes to check CAIR's moderat credentials, and those credentials look awfully tarnished when help up to to Pipes's scrutiny. 'Council on American-Islamic Relations: The Benign Public Face of America's 'Wahhabi Lobby' is the report Pipes produced, showing in Bidinotto's words that:
At best, CAIR is the biggest, best-organized group of excuse-makers and apologists for Islam's Wahhabi wing in America. At worst, some of its representatives are far more sinister and unsavory than that. See for yourself: the special report by Pipes and Chadha is the most comprehensive effort yet to unveil these characters and their machinations.
I commend it to your attention. It's an eleven page PDF, so you can print it out and read it at your leisure. You might reflect after reading Pipes's report that with 'moderates' such as those he identifies, who on earth would need enemies.

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