Monday, 22 August 2005

Site Poll: Who gives a shit about 'nuclear free'?

As Nick Smith is far and away the most odious politician in the former parliament, for reasons canvassed here numerous times (here's one such time) and as evidenced by the very scientific poll result below, I've added a new poll now to see whether any of you really give a shit about New Zealand being nuclear free. Helen thinks you do. Don is too scared to say otherwise (in public). But do you really give a shit? Or would you rather see some sense applied to the subject? Vote now!

Results of the Previous Poll: Who is the Most odious politician in the present parliament?
Nick Smith, Brat Pack 74 votes
Michael Cullen, Hard Labour 69 votes
Keith Locke, Watermelon 60 votes
Trevor Mallard, Hard Labour 57 votes
Muriel Newman, Association of Compulsion Touters 34 votes
Tony Ryall, Brat Pack 29 votes
Other 10 votes
I love them all 3 votes


  1. When you say just the warships, does that mean want the warships only, or care about the warships not coming here? Same deal for the power plants.

  2. Well...I don't live in regret for being banned from having nuclear-powered whitewear in the kitchen or anything, nothing so personal. But liberally speaking of course I give a shit about nuclear.

    I give a shit about steam. About hydrothermal, geothermal, fossil-fuel, biogas, man-power, horse-power, wave-power and wind-power. Furthermore, let the leven lightning flash of mongoose power be hurled!

    I want this year's political candidates to know that I give a shit about this stuff and I stand with the mongeese. Ignore our voting bloc at your peril!

    - Nuclear Rick


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