Sunday, 28 August 2005

Idiocy and more

Deborah Coddington's Herald on Sunday piece today shows that she's getting back her writing mojo -- it's almost good enough to have been in The Free Radical, where all her best pieces have been. Sadly though, you won't find it online. You'll have to rush down to the dairy and buy one.

Her comments on the stupidity of the Building Act amendments are as good as Hone Harawira's published comments on Donna Awatere's fraud conviction were idiotic. Her conviction was racist, said Hone. "There are too many Maori in jail and they can't all be criminals," said Hone. Perhaps some are just visiting?

Harawira will probably be in Parliament after this election. No doubt he will rival Keith Locke and Mike Ward for the number of quotable idiocies offered per week.

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