Tuesday, 9 August 2005

Dunne desperate for the worm

Peter Dunne says on Newstalk ZB he will be exploring "a range of legal avenues" to get himself on to TV3's leaders' debate on Thursday. He's clearly avoiding all logical avenues, heading straight into the illogical in his desperation for airtime and a repeat of the hit he got from 'the worm' in 2002.

TV3 have chosen leaders only from the six parties that ranked highest in the latest TV3 political poll, and Dunne is upset at his exclusion. TV3's Marks Jennings has defended the decision as one that "reflects commmercial reality," and no doubt Dunne's Black Belt in Boring was a help in making that decision. Dunne's present lack of logic will probably confirm Jennings in his decison.

Public opinion is overwhelmingly in favour of all political party leaders being able to put their view, moans Dunne with neither proof nor sound reasoning. Even if true, I doubt that anybody really wants to see all twenty political party leaders on TV on Thursday night, so some form of exclusion is necessary. Frankly, I think Libertarianz leader Bernard Darnton should be there, but I'm realistic enough to know that's not going to happen this election. Dunne's realism as to his own worth-- or self-insight as the psychiatrists say -- is not nearly as strong.

"I've come across no one yet that supports TV3's decision," continues Dunne's tantrum. Well, here's one person at least: me. I think they've made a sound decision, and I look forward to your return to well-deserved irrelevance. (Feel free to add your name below.)

Lord knows what the good people of Ohariu see in this tosser. Personally, if I were they I'd be voting for Colin Cross.

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  1. PC - If you were they, you would be the entire Ohariu electorate, me included! But hey, if you were me, you could retitle your blog "Not BS" :)

    It will be a pleasure to toss the tosser this election.


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