Wednesday, 10 August 2005

Discovery is back...

...and what a spectacular photo. Re-entry started at 400,000 feet, at several times the speed of sound, aiming at a small handkerchief called Edwards Air Force Base in California's Mojave desert.

NASA reports complete success.

[Photo from the Herald.]


  1. You can see more great images on Nasa's site itself. That's where we should be - out there, walking amongst the stars.

  2. I tried that one earlier, TCM, but couldn't get it to open for me. I suspect it's deservedly very busy. :-)

  3. michael fasher15 Aug 2005, 19:03:00

    theres a brilliant video on the boeing website narated by george w bush
    go to the boeing company website then go to pruducts and services then to integrated defences then on the a to z index go to space exploration systems
    check it out it shows past missions and also computer anamation of the next moon mission and manned mars landings


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