Friday, 3 June 2005

Site poll: Your party vote

I can declare that with over 520 votes cast that the Poll to decide whether or not I stand in Epsom for Libertarianz has now closed. The result is as close as tonight's poll announcement of a 1% gap between Labour and the Nats.

So after appropriate scrutiny and the necessary libations, I'll announce the result in the morning. [For background and earlier comments on this poll see here and here.]

So now a new poll, entirely unscientific -- although you're welcome to boasting rights if you earn it -- that will help me work out who's reading this blog. As always, vote early and vote often. :^)


  1. What's all this ' often' nonsense, Peter?

  2. That would be humour, Jonathan. ;^)

    Remember, as Charley Haughey used to say, everyone in the graveyard votes the same.

  3. >> That would be humour, Jonathan. ;^)

    Ah, ok then.

  4. Looks like a Libertarianz/Act coalition at the moment.


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