Sunday, 19 June 2005

The Site of Brian

DPF has the link to the website of the newly crowned and extraordinarily humble Bishop Brian Tamaki of the Destiny Church. It's hard to know which site is funnier, the offical Brian site or the unofficial 'happy clapping for Jesus' Brian site hosted by the Density Church. Some of the comments on the DPF thread are hilarious:

"Look on the bright side - no doubt Tamaki's political start-up will corner the stupid bigot market..."

"I liked his use of grammar in this quote, 'The Christian religion must prevail over all other false religions.'"

"The man has all the potential to be the leader of the Maori Taliban."

The site itself is even funnier: "The Media: a modern day witchcraft," declares Brian. He's not really serious, is he? Sadly, he is.

So too is his political party: leader and former policeman Richard Lewis was interviewed yesterday on 'Agenda.' He didn't mention stoning sinners, but he did look like he was about to start taking names ...


  1. The "good" Bishop's threat to expose the "radical homosexual agenda" is great. Perhaps he isn't too busy later on can go after the mainstream homosexual agenda as well. Doh!

    Why don't we get them to sew pink triangles onto all the clothes for easy identification.

  2. I'm not sure if their tithing is before or after tax, but I assume it's after tax. That's a great incentive for them to lower taxes. Let's at least be glad that lower taxes are firmly on the political agenda, and let's hope they remain for the next couple of elections.

  3. Tamaki- "The Media: a modern day witchcraft"

    I was just thinking about this statement. I doubt with sentences like this he is really attempting to gain new followers, but rather "fix" the ones he has.

    With Tamakis flock unable to access media (except information passed on by church leadership), Destiny members would be unable to watch tv news, read newspapers, etc.

    Its the nature of a cult, isolation. He's not trying to gain new members with this latest crusade, he's trying to stop the ones he has from getting away.


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