Wednesday, 8 June 2005

House by Claude Megson

A 'pavilion within a clearing' -- House in Whangarei by the late Claude Megson.


  1. i was born and bred there.....where IS this house?

  2. Somewhere near the Heads, I think.

  3. Extraordinary extravagance - many bloody bedrooms do you need!

  4. " many bloody bedrooms do you need!"

    Exactly as many as you can afford to pay for. :-)

  5. 152 Cemetery Road, Manu.

    The house is not as big as it looks, not many bedrooms but a few spaces that can be used as such.

    The large roof at 6 or 7 o'clock in the pic was the master bedroom, clockwise the next three are tiny bedrooms (could put two single mattresses on the floor but not shut the door), then a bathroom and a family room (with viewing deck on top). There is a viewing loft at 2-3 o'clock that has been used as a double bedroom as has the downstairs family room.

    There was only one bathroom plus an ensuite.


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