Friday, 17 June 2005

Creating a class system

More from the credit where credit is due file:

You might remember me discussing the myth that in free markets the rich get richer and the poor just stay poor. I quoted Walter Williams and Thomas Sowell, who make the point that it's not rich businessmen who keep the poor in penury, it's the dumb white liberals.

Rodney Hide has some evidence of this with the Working for Families scheme introduced by Little Steve Maharey. Now, as liberals go there's surely few dumber than Little Stevie, and this programme is sure going to keep families poor. As Rodney says, "It doesn’t matter how hard you work – you can’t improve your lot. It doesn’t matter either if you slack off – your income stays much the same... That’s the re-creation of a class sytem – everyone stuck where they are now are."

He's right you know.

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