Wednesday, 8 June 2005

An anniversary you might have missed

Here's an anniversary you might have missed. On this day in 1981, Israel took out the Iraq nuclear reactor at Osiraki, near Baghdad, "saying they believed it was designed to make nuclear weapons to destroy Israel." Story here.

As Mugged by Reality points out, last Sunday was also the anniversary of when in 1967 the Israeli Air Force "destroyed the Egyptian air force in comfortably less than three hours." You've got to admire their lethal professionalism. As MbR concludes "Here's a prematurely raised glass for when they inevitably pay the same compliment to the Iranian nuke programme."

Perhaps they could be persuaded to take a flight over North Korea as well?


  1. The precision of the raid was very impressive. However, it probably didn't have much of an effect on Saddam's nuke programs, nor would similar strikes be effective against North Korea or Iran.

    The Osirak reactor was under constant IAEA surveillance, and it wouldn't have produced large quantities of plutonium. Saddam's nuke program concentrated on secret uranium enrichment, which was dispersed and could not have been destroyed in a single raid. Iraq might have produced bombs if it hadn't been devastated in 1991. Probably nothing short of invasion could solve the problem of Iran or North Korea, either - especially since many of their sites are deep in mountains or under concrete, or are completely unknown. On the other hand, the Pentagon estimates over a hundred thousand US casualties in a war with North Korea. And there's already an Islamic bomb in Pakistan - the semi-failed state where Osama is living. A reassuring thought...

  2. All very good points, Phil, and all highly relevant to the strategic choices available.


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