Tuesday, 31 May 2005

Rodney Wriggles for Epsom

I sense desperation. Rodney Hide is boasting on his blog that:

a) Willie Jackson has endorsed him for Epsom.

That should help.

b) The National Business review "on their blog" have "predicted" he will win Epsom.

Well, no it didn't (see for yourself here), and NBR's blog is not NBR. And as one commenter said there, the blog's assumption is incorrect anyway.

c) "my rival Dr Richard Worth [has] endorsed me.

Well, no he hasn't.

This is all pretty poor stuff even by Rodney's latest standards, as the bickering from ACT supporters in the comments section below his boasts seems to sense. 'Extreme right'? 'Liberal'? 'Neo-conservative'? 'Dry'? 'Wet'? Whatever sort of principles or values ACT represent, it's clear that ten years of parliamentary representation hasn' t expanded the market for them, and even their supporters seem unclear on what they are. There you go.

And in other Epsom news ... the poll to decide whether I'll stand in Epsom for Libertarianz is nearing a decision, with the 'Yes! Stand!' vote having just pulled ahead of the 'No! Don't' total for the first time. First to 250 wins the race, as I explain here. Vote early and vote often, right over there on the right sidebar.


  1. It's called HUMOUR, Peter. Rodney uses it a lot. You should try it sometime.

  2. Yeah, maybe I should Blair.

    I tell you, I thought it was funny. Laugh? I nearly cried. :-)

  3. u must b one of the blind ACT faithful.....no wonder you can laugh....You are a joke...haha

  4. ...and just in case u were wondering....yes Blair...thats u i'm referring to....

  5. ...and I'm still laughing.

  6. At least ACT can have this sort of debate...at the Libz if you raised anything counter to Saint Perigo and his minions you were savaged by red wine fuled zealots as evil and inpure...

  7. And why would the voters of Epsom want a foul mouthed,back stabbing alcoholic like you as an MP anyway PC....mmmm?

  8. This would be 'humour' again, would it James? Are you sure Rodney wants you for a supporter? I know I wouldn't.

  9. You can vote multiple times it seems....

    Anyway, as I said, I changed my mind. I want you to stand. Losing might hurt your ego for a while, but that's life as a libertarianz.

  10. No worries PC. You would not get me as a supporter.I know the shit you deal in.Stay irrelavant

  11. Robert Winefield1 Jun 2005, 11:05:00

    James asked:
    "why would the voters of Epsom want a foul mouthed,back stabbing alcoholic like you [?]"

    Which is amusing seeing how Winston Peters (a backstabbing, foul-mouthed, alcoholic) is pissing all over ACT in the polls.

    When I consider foul-mouthed alcoholic-politicians like Winston Churchill, Helen Clarke, and Robert Muldoon, it occurs to me that, in politics - for better or for worse, those that smile are smiled at; those that snarl get things done.

    So here's an idea: maybe if Rodney recaptured the foul-mouthed zeal he displayed pursuing the IRD after it had drove Ian Mutton to suicide - ACT might actually do some damage in the polls.

    It is not as if this is speculation either, as I recall when last Rodney was playing the ball and not the man, ACT WERE doing damage in the polls.

    I guess that idea is too abstract a concept for you James, or should I call you Jim?

    Auf Wiedersehen.


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