Monday, 30 May 2005

Nats should have given Frat Pack an unlisted number

Personally, I find it hard to get excited at a National Party list that includes the so-called ‘brat pack’ of congenital political losers. Remember how the electorate rejected them last time? As a reward, the Nats have given them all top places at the table this time.

Remember boyish Bill English asking why Helen Clark “didn’t burn the corn” when most reasonable people were thinking that not burning the corn was perhaps the one reasonable thing that she had done in her time as PM; remember Nick Smith calling the loathsome RMA “far-sighted environmental legislation”; remember Vile Ryall promising to end the presumption of innocence as a Minister of Justice; remember then-Education Minister Lockwood Smith introducing the appallingly politically-correct NCEA?

I do. The electorate does. These are men with few ideas, and all of them bad.

Rather than giving these soft-shelled political liabilities a list placing – all of them in the top ten -- isn’t it time instead to give all of the ‘Frat Pack’ an unlisted number? In my view, until the Nats purge themselves of these gentlemen and of colleagues such as Murray McCully – strategist soon for three election defeats in a row – the party’s days are numbered.

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