Saturday, 21 May 2005

Improvements to 'Not PC'

We're trying to ensure constant improvements here at 'Not PC' in order to make your reading experience better (I got that last phrase from a marketing textbook -- good wasn't it). The latest improvement is a tidying up of the site template, and the addition of some of the 'Not PC' classics to the sidebar so you can find them easily and send them on to your friends. You'll also find the 'Cue Card Libertarianism' index down there on the right sidebar, with entries being linked daily as they appear on the site.

Thanks to Richard Goode for sorting it all out; it was well beyond what I was able to do. Thank Richard for me by visiting his own blogs beNZylpiperazine, and LibertyNZ.

And if you have suggestions that will make 'Not PC' even better, then feel free to send them to me at organon at ihug dot co dot nz. I've already got plenty of messages telling me to to fold my tent and piss off, so rest assured that suggestions of that type are already pretty well covered.


  1. Can you move your recent comments up to the top of the sidebar?

  2. Good thinking AL. How's that work for you? :-)

  3. Looks great. Hard to tell if theres been a reply otherwise.

    If you're interested, I have modified code which shows the first couple of words from each comment.

  4. AL, you said: "If you're interested, I have modified code which shows the first couple of words from each comment."

    Yes, I am interested. Is it idiot-proof?

  5. Its just a block of code like the original, but I've modified it to fix two big problems.

    I can't put it here because Blogger will strip out all of the tags, but you can email me at

    Also if you want to use Gmail to email formatted posts to Blogger I can send you an invite. Damn handy, trust me.


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