Thursday, 19 May 2005

Fisking the Budget, 1

"Budget 2005 delivers large increases in social spending together with significant cuts to business tax and a package to encourage New Zealanders to save, Finance Minister Michael Cullen said today ... "

The Cullen budget promises increases in theft to pay for election bribes ...

"New budget initiatives will cost the government $2 billion in the coming financial year, rising to $2.7 billion in 2008-09. In addition, the budget commits a further $1.3 billion in new capital spending, bringing the total over the forecast period to $4.2 billion ..."

New budget initiatives will cost the taxpayer $2 billion in the coming financial year alone. Total new theft required to pay for new bribes is forecast to be $4.2 billion over the forecast period, so we're really going to have to send the boys around ...

Do you remember David Lange once saying that taxation is like trying to pluck a goose so as to get the maximum amount of feathers with the minimum amount of hissing. Cullen must take us for bloody quiet geese.

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