Thursday, 26 May 2005

ACT losing the flat tax mojo - Greens

You know you're in trouble when the Greens are attacking you for abandoning your principles, especially when the Greens are right.

The Greens' FrogBlog attacks ACT's flagship tax policy here: "Act (values not politics!) has released its tax policy and it is, well, remarkable only for its lack of audacity... Act has met Mr Pragmatism and Mrs Compromise."Sighs the Frog, "Oh, for the days when Act was doggedly ideological."

Laugh?. I nearly cried.


  1. At least we know what a principl is.The Libz...? To hell with principles when attacking a competitor is concerened. Stay irrelavant for another 3 years you dick heads!

  2. In Politics it is generally a "damned if you don't and damned if you do" situation for every-one. Its just one of those things.

    Principles aside for just a moment, I have a question for you PC:

    If the Libz did win, and had a majority, would you implement all of your policies as you stand for them, in the year you were elected, or would they be phased in over several years?

  3. That's a good point. I've always seen two key differences between ACT and the Libertarianz:

    1. Libz want a free society in five years, whie ACT prefer to seek a democratic mandate to take baby-steps to freedom;

    2. Libz generally believe in a freer society out of objectivist principle, ACT believes in a freer society out of utilitarian principle.

    I'd love to see a flat tax implemented, but a two tier tax cut to 15 and 25 cents is economically more sensible right now and thus easier to sell to the electorate. If we get ACT in government this time around, in three years we will be back at where we were in 1987 and a flat tax will be on the agenda once more.

  4. Mmmm. In this matter Libertarianz sell out in the same way ACT just did.

    However, the Libertarianz who believe 5 years of statism are old and close to retirement. When they're gone policy will at last match philosophy. Until then one may as well support ACT.

  5. Even the Libertarianz claim that the last 10% of tax isn't all that important....

    Guys, don't forget to register this time. Maybe you get even 20 votes, one more then the people on your list!

  6. BTW, who was that guy who advocated any tax cut, any time, for any reason?


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