Thursday, 7 April 2005

Nannying in Norway

More nannying on the way? There will be if they read about this in Helengrad:
Norway will shut companies that refuse to recruit at least 40 per cent women to their boards by 2007 under an unprecedented equality drive, a cabinet minister said today.
"Companies have been dragging their feet. They really have to recruit more women," Children and Family Affairs Minister Laila Daavoey told Reuters. "In the very worst case, they will face closure."
Norway's parliament told firms in 2002 to ensure at least 40 per cent of each sex in boardrooms by mid-2005 to force corporate leadership to match Nordic traditions of sex equality elsewhere in society.

And you thought this Nanny Government was bossy!

"In 2007, laggards would face liquidation by court order if they refuse to comply after a formal, final warning," says Ministeress of Busybodying Laila Daavoey, showing that the tradition of Norwegian quisling-dom is not dead.

I confess to being a little concerned at the christian name of the Ministeress; has Laila Harre emigrated? And more importantly: if so, is she coming back?


  1. This is just the first step.

    Just imagine when the board must be comprised of:

    40% women
    10% men
    30% swedes
    20% with at least 10% asian blood
    20% with at least 30% negro heritage
    20% christian
    50% agnostic (or 13% atheist)
    18% muslim
    5% dwarf (Better make that 10% dwarf, 5% might be seen as too small)
    16% pro-abortion
    21% right to life
    25% with at least $10000 worth of shares in the company
    10% with no shares in the comapany
    20% prepared to work for free
    15% prepared to do overtime
    30% in a stable relationship
    20% divorced
    25% bisexual
    10% gay

    and a maximum of 8 people on the board.

    Let the selection process begin.

  2. Oops, meant to be 30% Norwegians, not Swedes. That's not scheduled until 2010.


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