Saturday, 23 April 2005

Libz Conference 3, Candidates to inspire

Libz electoral candidates are announced, and each spoke to great applause and tremendous enthusiasm. All candidates are incredibly committed, and hugely inspirational.

North Shore contingent spoke first:
Michael Murphy is standing in North Shore against Wayne Mapp. Wayne Who? And ‘Phil’ McCracken. And Deborah Coddington, who clearly stood down because she doesn’t want to stand against a Libertarian.
So why at my age do I want to do this, asked Micheal? Because we once took for granted the things that kids and their parents just don’t’ understand. Self-responsibility. Kids can’t climb trees without a safety harness – we now have a culture where the govt wants to think for you. Too many want laws, and regulations and to have the living shit taxed out of them. We’ve got to get back to being human beings again – being a sovereign human being once again. You could once buy Opium over the counter, now you need a prescription for Voltaren. The culture needs to change. That’s the reason I’m standing. I like a good scrap! The standard of politicians in this country is just appalling lobby fodder. I mean to change that.

Huge applause.

Peter Linton in Northcote: He’s spoiling for a fight! People must have the right to defend themselves. Sally O’Brien in Rodney intends the North Shore contingent to be a ‘centre of excellence.’

Julian Pistorius in Northland and Helen Hughes in Whangarei are inspired and inspiring. Julian is gong to give his opponents a big fright – incredible commitment! Their meeting with the Orauta School trustees inspired them, and us.

Tim Wikiriwhi and Robin Thomsen standing in the Hamilton’s are really looking forward to continuing their campaign, already begun with their local radio show ‘New Freeland.’ Dianne Yates is the point-woman for Hate Speech laws; Robin wants to target that hypocrisy. Tim spells out the message that he is presenting to Maori, that they need to stand on their own feet, and they can’t do that with other people’s money. End Waitangi Apartheid.

Peter Cresswell in Epsom: Seeks your vote on his blog in order to make his final decision. He really wants to help ensure ACT don’t get a seat for their sub-5% security, just as he helped make sure that Jeanette didn’t get a seat in Coromandel last time. Says ACT need to realise their mortality, and his candidacy should do that. Phil Howision. Hutt South. Standing against Mallard, and the only candidate young enough to have endured NCEA. But all the parties have the same educational policies, as all essentially support the status quo. Phil’s problem is that he is so articulate he makes the NCEA look good. Mallard’s problem will be that he just can’t be seen to bully

Scott Wilson pointed out that the standard of MPs is appallingly low; our candidates are simply inspiring. Huge applause again. Sitting MPs are not ten feet tall, they are pygmies. Our job is to advance our ideas – it’s a battle of ideas we’re in, and our job is to shift the debate.



  1. PC referring tohimself in the third person said he wants to stop Rodney Hide "just as he helped make sure that Jeanette didn't get a seat in Coromandel last time?"

    Last time Fitzsimons lost the Coromandel by some 7000 votes. Of those PC got a total of 0 votes. Sandra Goudie defeated Fitzsimons with some help from Labour splitting the Lefty vote. PC whimped out and didn't run. There is nothing to indicate the Libz had any effect on the Coromandel seat just as there is no indication they have ever had any effect on any election. Full results below:

    ANDERSON, Annette PC 367
    FITZSIMONS, Jeanette GP 7,724
    GOUDIE, Sandra NAT 14,706
    OLSEN, David Edward ACT 771
    PARLOUR, David CHP 329
    PURNELL, Max LAB 8,748
    ROBERTSON, Lee UFNZ 1,113

  2. Nonbeliever, I pulled out of the campaign some two days befor the early election was announced due to ill health. If I'd known the election date then I would have continued, butat that stage there looked to be some months more campigning to do.

    At that stage I'd already been campaigning successfully for some months, and issues such as Sandra Lee's calling a halt to the Whitianga Waterways and the problems with the Tairua seawge system and Jeanette' silence had already made it clear even to her support team that she was wasting her time.

    I know the effect we had in that. If you don't then that's not my problem.

  3. Libz need some self aggrandizement. No one else will do it.

  4. Philip Howison is going to be excellent AND newsworthy.



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