Saturday, 11 December 2021

'Housing justice'?

"It has become increasingly popular to add adjectives to 'justice'. This has led to 'social justice,' 'racial justice,' 'environmental justice,' and now, 'housing justice'....
    "Adding adjectives to justice does not provide greater clarity or understanding. What it does do is confuse the issue and allow the concept of justice to be perverted.
    "Properly understood, justice does pertain to 'what we owe to each other.' Properly understood, justice demands that we owe to others that which they have earned, that which they deserve. This is true no matter which particular issue we are considering.... Not only do the advocates of 'housing justice' want to grant unearned rewards, they seek to impose undeserved penalties on housing producers."

          ~ from the post 'We Don't Need Adjectives for Justice'


  1. Excellent quote, Peter. Link is not working.

  2. Ditto the word "equity", which is just a euphemism for equality of outcomes. It's now equitable for people to get stuff at other people's expense, and it's notable this is now endemic in the US across almost all areas of public policy.

  3. Adding the word "Justice" to any subject produces an oxymoron, including failure of the subject in question.


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