Friday, 28 May 2021

The infantilising welfare state


"The welfare state is a process of infantilising adults. It is funded by the same people whom it claims to be helping -- except they have to pay three times as much to get half the value."

          ~ Stephanie Bond, from a post at HBL on 'What's Wrong With the Welfare State'


  1. I've been saying for a long time that socialists are mentally stunted and held at the state of children. Like children they want others to make their choices (that's what "Follow the science" means in fact). They don't want to work, and cannot understand the idea that there's dignity in earning a living rather than getting handouts. Every time there's a problem socialists run to Mommy and Daddy--the government--to make everything all better.

    Capitalism is the social system for adults. No one is going to choose for you--YOU need to decide. No one's going to hand you a living--YOU need to earn it. You'll see things you don't like, hear things that offend you, and have to put up with people living lifestyles you despise--and you need to accept that that's their right and let them do it. It takes courage, fortitude, pride, and a sense of perspective to live like that. Used to be it was expected of adults to reach that stage (whether folks did or not is, of course, another issue). Now it's considered extraordinary if not downright seditious.


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